3 Features of a YouTube Intro

Hey Beauty Bestie, The last few weeks I have been making YouTube Intros for my Etsy customers. Think about these 3 Features of a YouTube Intro before you contact a designer or make it yourself. Visuals Will your intro be a mix of different clips? A really cool background with text? A mixture? Custom illustrationsContinue reading “3 Features of a YouTube Intro”

You Want to Start A YouTube Channel

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Everyone is saying you need a YouTube Channel for your business, but no one is saying how to start it. I make custom channel art, but what I think you should do first is make some videos!  Get into the groove of making videos even if it is on your…

Favorite Custom YouTube Banners I’ve Made

Originally posted on E-Partners Marketing:
My hottest selling items on Etsy, custom graphics, are custom YouTube Banners.  I also include them in my logo and website design packages too. What is a custom YouTube Banner? I make a YouTube Banner specifically for that client.  All of the elements of the banner are customized to the…

Lip Color Obsession (4 Videos & 3 Photos)

Within the last few weeks I have become obsessed with Lip Colors. My three favorites would be Red, Nude and Pale Pink.  I’m really into the lip pencils and glosses of these shades.  Don’t care too much for the lipsticks. Weird I know.  I also want to jump out of my comfort zone and wearContinue reading “Lip Color Obsession (4 Videos & 3 Photos)”