BoxyLuxe: September BoxyCharm

Hey Beauty Bestie! Yesterday, I got my BoxyLuxe box in the mail!  I couldn’t wait to open it so I recorded an unboxing. You can scroll down and see each product too! You can see it here:   Product #1 Park Ave Princess  Chisel Palette by Tarte I love the shades of this palette! IContinue reading “BoxyLuxe: September BoxyCharm”

June Boxycharm Box

Hey Beauty Bestie! I absolutely love my June Boxycharm box!  Check out the video below to see what I got! Brands mentioned in this month’s box: Luxie, Alamar, Battington, Jonteblu, Sol De Janeiro and Ofra. If you have Boxycharm, what has been your favorite box so far? If you don’t have Boxycharm what is yourContinue reading “June Boxycharm Box”

10 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference on Social Media

Originally posted on E-Partners Marketing:
Hi There, Even though I’m under the weather I woke up this morning and put together content pieces for one of my Etsy clients.  She has ordered from me before and I enjoy creating pieces for her Natural Hair Boutique. Anyways, I was checking her social media accounts and realized…

Favorite Custom YouTube Banners I’ve Made

Originally posted on E-Partners Marketing:
My hottest selling items on Etsy, custom graphics, are custom YouTube Banners.  I also include them in my logo and website design packages too. What is a custom YouTube Banner? I make a YouTube Banner specifically for that client.  All of the elements of the banner are customized to the…

Very Disgusted with a Blogger’s Reaction to the Golden Globes

I literally want to UNFOLLOW another female blogger about her expressed views on respect for women having to do their attire. In her post about the Golden Globes she ripped women apart and shamelessly victim blamed. It’s so ironic, because in her post she says blames the women for the disrespect they receive based onContinue reading “Very Disgusted with a Blogger’s Reaction to the Golden Globes”