I spent so much time making social media posts until…

Hi Beauty Bestie! From the title of this post you know I’m going to share some social media golden nuggets with you, but today is different.  Today, I’m going to talk about the design part of social media. Whether you love or hate creating visual content it still has to get done. I spent soContinue reading “I spent so much time making social media posts until…”

You Want to Start A YouTube Channel

Originally posted on E-Partners Marketing:
Everyone is saying you need a YouTube Channel for your business, but no one is saying how to start it. I make custom channel art, but what I think you should do first is make some videos!  Get into the groove of making videos even if it is on your…

Stop Keeping Your Talents a Secret

Do you ever feel shy about sharing your talents? Do you wonder if other’s will laugh or criticize you? The fear of not knowing how others will react paralyzes so many people. I’ve been there myself.  But, I learned something a long the way. The more people you let know about your talent the moreContinue reading “Stop Keeping Your Talents a Secret”

Save$ On These Beauty Must-Haves

Merry Christmas Eve Beauty Bestie! You’ve been running around all week getting everyone’s gift, but don’t forget about yourself. I found some great things that I’ve featured on previous wish lists at TJMaxx and Marshalls for 50% OFF!  I just had to share with you the awesome savings on Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty products. Yes,Continue reading “Save$ On These Beauty Must-Haves”