When I started this BlackGirl-ish in 2015, colorism started to be acknowledged.  To combat this trend I decided to make “A positive place for Black Girls and the things we love.”  Now, my readership is of all ethnicities and just want to know about Beauty, Fashion and Hairstyles.  My readers enjoy the work of the artists no matter their pigment.

Each post features an array of different skin hues except for the personal testimonials and product reviews.  Each post features normal women.  Celebrities are cool, but they have nannies, maids, personal assistances, makeup artists, and hairstylists.  All my inspiration posts are looks everyone can actually achieve. Whether my reader is rushing from class to class in college or conquering busy mornings with a toddler they can learn some tips that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

When I’m not coveting the latest makeup and hair trends, I help entrepreneurs with marketing, design, and public relations. I’m the Creative Director and CEO of E-Partners Marketing Inc. I also help YouTubers and bloggers with their branding. I offer a la carte graphic design in my Etsy shop, E-Partners Studio.

Early most mornings, before my daughter wakes up for school, I also teach kids in China online with VipKid. You can learn more about that here.

❤ Erica

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