GRWM - Natural Hair vs. Weave

GRWM: Natural Hair Vs. Weave

The last few years I have tried different hair extensions (weave). I’ve worn clip-ins, a sew-in, and even wigs.

But…Have you wondered what my real hair looks like?

I made the decision to transition from relaxed to natural hair 4 years ago. There have been some bumps along the way, but I do like where my hair is going.

Most of my relaxed hair broke off, but I am grateful that it all grew back. And then some.

I am somewhat of a product junkie, but I don’t believe that wash day has to be a whole day. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I may do a deep condition or hot oil here or there, but it isn’t an every week thing. I’m trying to get better at it, but it is something I will just have to plan better for in the future.

A few things that I have changed since going natural:

  • I rarely straighten my hair with a flat iron or hot comb.
  • I’ve only blow dryed my hair twice this year.

Before, going natural, when I would hear Hair Gurus say they hadn’t used heat on their hair in months I used to be skeptical. I used to be in dismay really. How could they function without heat?

Now, I understand.

My fro is thick. It would take a few hours just to blow dry and another hour or 2 to flat iron.

I would love to try a silk press at the salon but would need to find a stylist that I trust.

Which one do you like better: natural or weave?

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2 thoughts on “GRWM: Natural Hair Vs. Weave

  1. Your hair is lovely! I am also making that transition from relaxed to natural, the only issue I’m having with it rn is the patience. My hair grows pretty fast, but it’s gonna take at least two years until it’s at the volume and length I desire. But for now, I intend to just keep doing braids, I can’t deal with weaves or wigs they’re too itchy! Great post!

    Caroline |

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    1. Thank you Caroline! With transitioning, I noticed when my hair was breaking off, but not when it was growing. I just kept braiding it under clip-ins. Clip-ins don’t itch at all. When my leave out started to break off I transistioned to wigs to save it. Sew-ins itch so bad that I’ve only had 1 with a lace-frontal closure in the last 6 years. As long as you are consistent with the protective style and moisturizing you will get your desired look ❤


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