11 Beauty Brands I want to Try

11 Beauty Brands I want to Try

Hey Beauty Bestie! I really want to try some new beauty brands.

Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte will always be favorites, but with new brands popping up all the time I want to give them a chance. And also see if they are worth the hype.


Beauty Brands I want to Try
via Medium

I love Glossier’s slogan of skin first and makeup second. I love the no-makeup makeup look and really want to try their products. I wish they had more shades, but will probably try the deep or even mix 2 together.

I love their marketing, packaging and how dewy it seems to make the skin look. It is also pretty affordable.

Makeup Revolution

Beauty Brands I want to Try
via Richard Magazine

Even with the drama and mold fiasco going on with the Wants palette I still want to try this brand. I love how affordable it is! Looking at the packaging I thought it was going to be 2 or 3 times as much as it actually is.

I can’t wait to order the Wants palette when it is in Ulta again! I also want the needs palette.


Beauty Brands I want to Try - Fenty Beauty
via coveteur

Everyone is giving Rihanna’s makeup line praise! I love that this brand has so many shades. I want the Highlight and contour trio so bad! I would also like to try a powder from her line.

Huda Beauty


I didn’t even know that Huda Beauty was in Sephora until I went to pick up my birthday gift last month. I like the range of shades in the palette. It is a little pricey…but I still want it.

I love that there are 18 hues in their eyeshadow palettes!


Beauty Brands I want to try - Nars Orgasm Collection - blackgirlish.com
via Fashion Trends Daily

NARS has been on my wishlist a few times over the years and I still have not tried them. I would like to try some products from the Orgasm collection.

I like that their collections have such provocative, but female empowering names. The packaging is very nice too.

House of Lashes

Beauty Brands I want to Try - House of Lashes
Via Greenhouse Effects of Artistry

As much as I love lashes I still haven’t tried this brand! I know they have been on my wishlist a few times, but I still have NOT tried them. Maybe this year. Just maybe.

I love their marketing. I love their packaging. I love that they sell really cute little cases to put them in. I lose 90% of the lashes that I buy. So an actual case to put them in would be nice.

Bite Beauty

Beauty Brands I want to Try - Bite Beauty - Blackgirlish.com
via NYC tips

I love that the lipsticks have scents like coffee or vanilla. If you have ever watched one of my unboxings you would know that I love to smell lipsticks straight out of the package.

I hope to have the chance to make a few custom shades of my own at their Lip Lab in NYC, San Francisco or LA. I hope they come out with more Lip Lab locations. Beauty lovers are spread out all over the US.

11 Beauty Brands I want to Try

Lip Bar

10 Beauty Brands I want to Try - Lip Bar
Via Detroit News

I came across Lip Bar on Instagram. A fellow entrepreneur said that I should check out her lip line.  I really like the packaging and the shades! The owner’s story is nice too 🙂

Didn’t realize it was in Target! I hope one near me has it.

Tatti Lashes

Beauty Brands I want to Try - Tatti Lashes
Via Riccarton House of Beauty

You know I love lashes! I came across this brand a few minutes ago.  They look so pretty. I’m really into mink lashes, but I like that these are not as thick.

Tatti lashes seem to be very long and spread out. Which could look dramatic or soft depending on the makeup look.

Coloured Raine

Beauty Brands I want to Try - Coloured Rain
via Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine has vivid shades and is affordable.

This brand is not available in a Target near me. Even on Target.com there are only 2 products available. I will have to order directly from ColouredRaine.com. On their site they have quite a few palettes on sale 🙂

Pat McGrath Labs

Beauty Brands I want to Try - Pat McGrath
Via Popsugar

I saved the best for last!

Pat McGrath is extremely talented! She is a branding and creative genius! Her in-store launches make me want to pay for a plane ticket and hotel to experience it for myself.

I have been following this account on Instagram for a few months now. I love the packaging! I have a thing for gold and black. Go UCF Knights (I’m Alumni)!

Tried any beauty brands on this list? Which Beauty brand do you want to try?



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