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BoxyLuxe: September BoxyCharm

Hey Beauty Bestie!

Yesterday, I got my BoxyLuxe box in the mail!  I couldn’t wait to open it so I recorded an unboxing. You can scroll down and see each product too! You can see it here:


Product #1 Park Ave Princess  Chisel Palette by Tarte

Park Ave Princess Tarte - BoxyLuxe - Blackgirlish.comI love the shades of this palette! I also like that it has a really big mirror included.  This is my first time trying a highlight and contour palette from Tarte.  I have used their eyeshadows. lipsticks, lashes, mascaras, and blush before.

Product #2 Baked Blush-N-Brighten by Laura Geller

Laura Geller Blush - BoxyLuceNever heard of this brand! During the unboxing, I didn’t realize that the compact included a mirror.  I like the shades in the marble.  Can’t wait to try it.

Product #3 Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette by Pretty Vulgar

Pretty Vulgar Eyeshadow Palette - BoxyLuxe - blackgirlish.com

I loved the gel liner by Pretty Vulgar that I got a few boxes ago.  I hope that I will love this palette just as much.  I think I will use all the

Product #4 Death Valley Dry Shampoo by R + CO

R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo - BoxyLuxe - blackgirlish.comI’ve never used a dry shampoo before, but this smells really good.  I will try this in Bella’s hair first! My wash day is tonight so I’m not going to use this til a few days later.

Product #5 Limited Edition Photo Finish Primer Water by Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Finish So Chill Coconut Primer Water - BoxyLuxeToday, literally just sprayed this on my face and it looked good. Not shiny at all.  No tent at all. I love that it can be used as a primer and finishing spray.  It smells good but stung my eyes.

Product #6 Ipenema Sunset Glow Oil by Sol De Janeiro

sol de janeiro sunset glow oil - boxyluxe

At first I thought it was tanning oil.  I don’t need tanning oil. LOL.  Then I read that it was glow oil.  Like a body shimmer.  I like the glow so this is exciting.  Especially with winter coming up.  This may help maintain the glow even in cold weather.

Product #7 Liquid Lipstick by Violet Voss

Liquid Lipstick by Violet Voss - BoxyLuxe

I’m excited to try this matte lipstick.  The shade swatched well on my arm.  I think I will still put a gloss on top of it.

Product #8 732 Airbrush Foundation Brush by Luxie


This brush is so beautiful. I plan on getting the whole brush set! Can’t wait to use it.

Product #9 Stem Cellular Anti- Wrinkle Moisturizer by Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Aging Cream - BoxyLuxe

My 30th birthday is approaching.  I am going to start using this at night in hopes that it prevents the onset of wrinkles. This smells very clean like lemon.

Product #10 Ojitos Brush Set by Alamar Cosmetics

Alamar Cosmetics Brush Set - BoxyLuxeYou know I love brushes.  Almost more than I love the product sometimes. lol. I was skeptical about getting things from this company since the palette arrived broken a few months ago, but these brushes seem nice.

Product #11 Dolly Bow Make-up Headband by The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Dolly Headband by The Vintage Cosmetics Company - BoxyLuxeI’ve needed one of these headbands for awhile not to protect my roots and extensions while I do my makeup. The bow is so cute.  It reminds me of my daughter’s LuvaBella doll headband.

Bonus Product Boxy Charm Tote Bag

BoxyLuxe - Bonus Item - Tote Bag - BoxyluxeThe Boxycharm tote bag is super cute! I will probably use it when I don’t want to use plastic. I wasn’t expecting it at all.  It is very cute.

Your Turn: What was your favorite product?

BoxyLuxe - September 2018

I want to hear from you! Was this box hit or miss for you?  Will you be keeping your BoxyLuxe subscription? Are you getting excited about the December box?

Not with Boxycharm yet?

Why not? You gotta sign up! My makeup collection has grown so much in the past 5 months. I look forward to my box the first to 12th of each month. Join the fun here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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