3 Features Your YouTube Intro Must Have

3 Features of a YouTube Intro

Hey Beauty Bestie,

The last few weeks I have been making YouTube Intros for my Etsy customers.

Think about these 3 Features of a YouTube Intro before you contact a designer or make it yourself.


Will your intro be a mix of different clips? A really cool background with text? A mixture? Custom illustrations and motion graphics. Intros may look simple, but the more intricate they are the more they will cost.3 Features Your YouTube Intro NeedsThe look and flow of your intro are important so that you can know how much time and/or money you want to spend on the project. Lots of video clips mean lots of video editing. The same thing with custom illustration.ots of video clips means lots of video editing. Same thing with custom illustration.


What will your intro say? Will it say anything? Will you do a voice over? Will you have a song?

The typography part of the intro is just as important as the visuals.  Will it say your channel name? Your name? Or a phrase?

YouTube Intro - YouTube Branding - Banner

The simple text is easy to add, but if you want script font that looks hand-written on the screen or any other animation that will take extra time too.

Any voice-overs or music will be up to you to add.  If the designer adds it that will cost more.


Will there be a burst with the channel name revealed? Will the channel name be on top of the icon? Will there be snippets of video clips and graphics all together?

This goes along with visuals. The more transitions and effects the more time it will take to make and render.

3 Features Your YouTube Intro Must Have

Your Turn: Do you have a YouTube Intro? Is it a mixture of clips or just text?

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