BoxyLuxe Confusion: Boxycharm Luxury Box Launch Recap

Hey Beauty Best,

The first half of this day has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Up until a few minutes ago, I was bummed/pissed! After trying for an hour and a half, getting an error message and losing hope I was waitlisted. A few hours later I got an email that I got the upgrade. Now I am relieved/happy.

A timeline of events:

  • Early August, got an email about being interested in BoxyLuxe.
  • Received e-mails with Spoilers and specific instructions to upgrade over following weeks
  • September 1st Refreshed my e-mail box from 8:54 AM until 9 AM EST
  • September 1st 9 AM EST as mentioned in previous emails there was no email in my inbox. NOTHING.


  • 9AM EST Boxycharm announced on Instagram and Twitter that BoxyLuxe was live and that we had to click their link to sign up.  I noticed several other charmers saying they didn’t get an email.
  • 9:04 AM one of the comments said “Sold out in 4 minutes? WTF!!”
  • 9:07 AM I receive the email to upgrade to BoxyLuxe. I clicked submit, but instead of a confirmation received 502 errors on both phones I was trying to use instead.

boxycharm boxyluxe launch recap

  • 9:45 AM logged in on my computer and same thing. Error message saying their Oops their nails are drying. This was followed by several 504 messages. Both on Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • 9:50 AM sent BoxyCharm customer service a screenshot of me attempting to upgrade.
  • Kept refreshing the page up until as adviced by other charmers on social media. At 10:49 AM EST I got through.
  • To a landing page with a cheesy skit saying that BoxyLuxe is sold out I am waitlisted.
  • 1:15 PM EST found a subreddit about the mishap.  A user said that the waiting list email was a mistake and that they were fixing it.
  • Checked my email box and I did have 2 emails from Boxycharm about my BoxyLuxe order!

Boxyluxe Confusion - Upgrade Confirmation

Why I was pissed 

Why would I want the December box when I didn’t get the September box that I wanted?  Boxycharm needs to start listening to what their customers WANT.

Boxycharm Confusion: Boxyluxe launch mishaps

If I get another undereye cream for a problem that I do not have IDK what I will do. I’m sick and tired of getting primers too. How many does 1 person need in a year? Send me brushes, palettes, and lipsticks!

In August, I wanted the Smashbox lip set and/or the House of Lashes Lashes.  Of course, I didn’t get either one of them.

The best boxes this year have been the May and June. July’s box was okay and August’s box completely SUCKED. That’s why I didn’t post my unboxing.

Things Boxycharm Could Have Done Better

Boxycharm BoxyLuxe Launch RecapCommunication

They could crystal clear with charmers about how to upgrade.  If it is a link in the bio say that.  If it is a link in an e-mail blast say that.  Don’t change the instructions day of the launch.


On my other blog, I have talked about hosting.  A company of their size should have known better.  Those many people accessing the site at the exact same time spelled disaster. A ghetto, generic error page isn’t good enough. As the customer, I shouldn’t have to press a green button on a page over and over.  Your website SHOULD WORK.

Ways To Upgrade

They should have told charmers that there were a few different ways that they could have upgraded to BoxyLuxe. Within your account, in Boxycharm you could have clicked upgrade on your account settings. Not sure how long this feature was available, but I tried to use this method. The other 2 methods previously mentioned were clicking on your email if it came or the link in the bio.  Which the link in the bio didn’t really help. It just asked people to join.  There was no solution in the bio to upgrade for existing charmers.

E-mail Marketing

How was an email sent 7 minutes late?  Isn’t this something that is set up in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) weeks in advance? Whoever is in charge of this is probably getting cussed out at this very moment.

Also, being speedy in correcting the mishap with the waitlist e-mails.  I know I was devastated when I got mine and elated when I got the confirmation e-mail.

Social Media

If you have the platform for customers to leave comments you have to have the skin for the backlash when mishaps of this magnitude happen. Several if not thousands of comments were deleted including a few of mine from Boxycharm’s Instagram.  You thought the comments were bad, wait until you open up the queue of customer support tickets.

Leave out the Jokes

Boxycharmer BoxyLuxe Launch Confusion

Grown adults that are obsessed with beauty were told they were waitlisted for a luxury makeup subscription box. Especially while others were magically confirmed despite them being sold out.  That’s like those moms in the 80s that were fighting over cabbage patch dolls. Not the best time for the CEO to be in a cheesy video with an employee getting the box taken from her.  It was distasteful and immature.  He was actually laughing in the video.

Why am I happy Now

I didn’t want to miss out.  I have never been the first at any beauty launches…ever so I think it is kind of cool.

The main thing that lured me into the September BoxyLuxe box was the Park Avenue Palette by Tarte. If you are new to my blog that is one of my favorite brands.

BoxyLuxe September Launch

Hoping the September BoxyLuxe box is a good one like when I first signed up for Boxycharm in May.

Your Turn: Did you get the BoxyLuxe subscription? How long did you try to upgrade? Did you get the waitlist and confirmation email?  Were you confused like me?

Til next time. - Beauty - Hair - Fashion

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