New Youtube Trailer - Beauty and Makeup

My Favorite Hair and Makeup Looks of All Time

Hi Beauty Bestie,

Today, while opening my August Boxycharm box I realized that I haven’t updated my ericaravon Youtube trailer in 2 years.

In my new YouTube trailer, I shared a ream of Snaps and videos of my favorite hair and makeup looks of all time. My hairstyles change A LOT, but the makeup essentials like highlight and contour products are the EXACT SAME.

Why has it been so long? I tried to get consistent posting on that channel and just couldn’t.  Unless I bought something new I didn’t feel like sharing.  That has changed.

I have realized that posting stuff regularly even if mundane to me may be useful to someone that comes across my content. Think about your favorite YouTubers.

Don’t they share the same type of products all the time? How many more foundation tutorials do we really need to see?

We are human.  Over time, things change. Products I loved when I first start using makeup have been replaced with “better” products today. Ways that use that product have changed.

Check it out for yourself! All products are in the description bar on YouTube:

What is one of your favorite hair or beauty product of all time?

Best, - Beauty - Hair - Fashion

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