You Want to Start A YouTube Channel

E-Partners Marketing

Everyone is saying you need a YouTube Channel for your business, but no one is saying how to start it.

I make custom channel art, but what I think you should do first is make some videos!  Get into the groove of making videos even if it is on your webcam or iPhone.

How many videos should you make?

I’m not telling you to wait to launch your channel until you have a bunch of videos.  I’m saying make like 2 or maybe even 5.

Don’t make them all in one day.  Make them over a period of 2 to 5 days.  Figure out if you even like being in front of the camera.  Figure out what type of videos you enjoy making.  It may be tutorials with your products, vlogs of your day or sit down chats?

Now that you have some raw footage, what are you going to…

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