My Favorite Keto Meals -high fat, low carb -

My Favorite Keto Meals

A few weeks back I got serious about the Keto diet.

I have cut carbs quite a bit from my diet, haven’t consumed alcohol in months and stay away from soda. Except for the times my 4-your old asks me to drink her strawberry soda. lol.

I’m still kind of skeptical about the results, but I have been sneaking in mini brownies. Which I stopped doing 2 days ago.

Anyways on to the recipes.  Enjoy the cooking videos and let me know if you have tried these meals before.


So good and you can have it anytime of the day.  Not just breakfast.  *I don’t use the bell peppers.  Sometimes I use basil instead of cilantro.  I add a little spinach to mine sometimes too. I’ve even topped it with avocados before.  Amazing with bread and very good without. It is amazing with feta cheese on top.*

Sausage and Guac Stacks

I don’t make it into the cute little stack, because I don’t have the little round thing, but it is amazing.  Good for breakfast or lunch.  I use Italian sausage and add to my plate spinach.

Chipotle Salad

Who said you had to give up Chipotle for keto? I have fallen even more in love with Chipotle on this diet.  I avoid the beans and rice as much as I can.  I usually get chicken, lettuce, cheese, guac, mild, medium and spicy salsa.  I don’t get the chips on the side. A lot of people on keto get sour cream on theirs, but I’m not a big sour cream fan.  I also don’t get the dressing, because I read that it has way too many calories.

My Favorite Keto Meals -high fat, low carb -

Soup of Portugal

Not necessarily keto, but I love this soup.  I add chicken to it sometimes.  I make it once a month and it last a few days. So good.

What are some of your favorite keto meals? Have you tried any of these?

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