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My Second VoxBox from Influenster

Hey Beauty Bestie!

So I got my second VoxBox from Influenster in the mail a few days ago.  I am just now opening it and taking pics. lol.

What’s in this VoxBox?

Bare Minerals - Bare Pro - VoxBox - Influenster -

In this VoxBox I got the 16-hour full coverage concealer in the shade Tan/Dark-Neutral 12. This was complimentary of Influenster and bareMinerals as part of the Bare Pro campaign.

When I chose that shade I was thinking of under eye coverage only for concealer.  I highlight and contour on a daily basis.  I usually only apply concealer to that area.  For my cheeks and the rest of my face I use foundation.

I think it looks like one of the choices the artist at bareMinerals actually swatched on me when she color matched.  It was cool, just kind of light.

Getting Color Matched at bareMinerals

I tried the product, 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer, 2 weeks ago during a virtual VoxBox that Influenster and Bare Minerals had a campaign for. I got 60 points for going into Bare Minerals and getting color matched 🙂

The makeup artist at Bare Minerals was so nice!  She applied the product to my under eye and some small scars also.  She put on 2 different shades to see which one looked better. The shade Dark-Neutral 13 was the winner!  I was amazed at how seamlessly this shade blended in with my skin tone.

That just doesn’t happen!  I felt like Goldilocks.  Usually shades are too light or too dark.  This was the first time that it was JUST RIGHT.

I bought the complexion rescue, BB Creme, that I mentioned in the past and the concealer.  I got signed up for their FREE rewards program too. I also got a free lipstick with purchase!

Bare Mineral Bare Pro - Virtual VoxBox - Influenster -

The Matte Lipstick

It was a Matte Lipstick in a pink-ish red shade.  I’ll have to lookup the actual name.  I didn’t like it…at all.  I really wish they would have let me pick my own shade.  With certain products you really can’t do a one-size fits all.

I know that’s a shocker since I give Matte Lipsticks lots of praise.  You can check out those posts here and here.

What was in my first box?

Baby Bum VoxBox - Influenster -

My first VoxBox was a “mommy” box that include sample sizes of Baby Bum skin scare and bath products.

Me and Bella absolutely love the body wash/shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, coconut balm and monkey plush toy that came with it too!

We used all of the body wash/shampoo!  It was a foam and made the bath very bubbly.  It had a very pleasant smell too.

Want a VoxBox?

Get on Influenster!

It is FREE!  You can:

  • Check out reviews on products you’ve been coveting
  • Check out sneak peeks of products to come
  • Try products in VoxBoxes
  • Review products you’ve tried before and earn badges
  • Share with your friends on Instagram the goodies you got and earn points for doing so
  • Connect with some other beauty junkies…just like you ❤

Have you tried this product?  What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by!



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