Very Disgusted with a Blogger’s Reaction to the Golden Globes

I literally want to UNFOLLOW another female blogger about her expressed views on respect for women having to do their attire. In her post about the Golden Globes she ripped women apart and shamelessly victim blamed.

It’s so ironic, because in her post she says blames the women for the disrespect they receive based on their choice in attire, yet her entire blog is about fashion (aka attire) and diet.

I was so tempted to fire off about her victim blaming and bashing Oprah.

Then I remembered that I could tweet her “I want 5 minutes of my life back after reading your post”. Before I could press send I read her Bio on twitter.  It said “EDWarrior”.

I felt really bad. I didn’t tweet or comment on her post.

I decided that person is dealing with enough demons.  I have never had an eating disorder so I have no idea what that is like.

I did not want to erode her ego or self-esteem more by turning into what I, in my disgust, thought she was.

I came to understand that “The bullied bully.”

She was obviously bullied.  Even her blog’s title is extremely vain and superficial.  All of her posts are “shop this look” and “eat this” yet she has demons that she is dealing with.

How dare her victim blame people that have gone through those horrific experiences.

She would hate for someone to pick her apart like that.

Am I wrong in how I feel?

There is nothing positive that can come from someone who victim blames.

I’m not calling her a racist, but she said some gray area remarks too. I guess she is a typical conservative.  EWWWwwwww. Stay the fuck away from me and my inbox lol.

Part of me wonders if these are her real views or if she just wrote that piece to get a reaction.

What do you think?

Disclaimer:  I didn’t watch the Golden Globes because I was busy designing and putting my 4-year old to sleep.  I did see bits and pieces on news coverage.



PS. I wish the world had a little more empathy.

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