Tarte Cosmetics - Lip Wardrobe Volume II - Goddess Glam Eye and Cheek Set - Lifted Mascara - Rainforest of the Sea Drench Lip Splash Lipstick

Tartiest lil Christmas Ever <3

Hope you had an awesome Christmas with your family and friends!

My sister-in law always come through with the best makeup gifts. This year she she spoiled me with Tarte Cosmetics: Tartiest lil Christmas.png

Goddess Glam Eye & Cheek Set (1)

I have always wanted to try tones of red and pink eye shadows.  I’m usually a             neutral with a dash of sparkle kind of girl. I’m so glad she read my mind and got this set for me.  I posted my first look with these eye shadows on my Instagram story.  My most viewed story ever!  Shocker I know.

The same day I opened this palette, I completely shattered my E.L.F. blush palette.  The blushes in this palette saved the day!  The whole week actually. lol

The mascaras packaging was so cute.  They made it look like snake skin.  The pigment is jet black.  Perfect to sweep across by faux mink lashes.

Lifted Mascara (2)

Brown mascara is something that I have embraced in the last few years.  Because my eyes are dark brown, brown mascaras and pencils make them seem somewhat lighter.  I usually layer a brown with a black.  I think it makes my eyes look bigger.

Tartiest Lip Wardrobe Volume II (3)

I got a free Tarte Lip Color from Sephora as a birthday gift back in September.  They do Matte Lipstick very well.  It also smelled good too.

So when I saw the package with 2 lip colors in shades that I liked I was soooo  excited!  I love a nude lip and it being matte is the icing on the cake.  If you are obsessed with all things Matte you may want to check out my entries about Matte Nails and Matte Lips.

Rainforest of the Sea Drench Lip Splash Lipstick (4)

I love this shade!  It is not too pink and not too red!  I have a similar shade from MAC cosmetics, but this one is slightly more subtle.  In a good way.  It is more natural-ish.

Photo Credit:  temptalia.com; Tartecosmetics.com; Amazon.com

Thank you for stopping by to see about my Tartiest lil Christmas ever!

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