Lace Frontal Closure - Virgin Hair -

My First Lace Frontal Closure….EVER!

Hi Gorgeous!

I got my very first lace frontal closure 2 days ago.  You can keep reading this to learn about how my stylist and I customized it or you can watch the video below:

The Lace Frontal Closure Unit

Brand: SAGA

Texture: Brazilian Straight in the color Natural (brown)

Length: 12 inch

Where did I get it: The hair store and this brand should be at your local hair store too.

Bleaching the Knots

This step is vital for the more realistic look.  I used quick blue hair bleach and 30v developer. I mixed it until it was a thick, cake batter consistency.  If you make it too thin it drips to the roots of the hair.  Then, I spread it evenly across the unit making sure to get it near the edges from ear to ear. Then, I left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed it off with cold water.

The SEW-In

She braided down all my natural hair straight back in 8-10 braids.  She sewed all the tracks in place. Can’t believe it was my first sew-in in 6 years!

Customizing the Unit

My stylist (cousin) used tweezers and plucked away at baby hairs and edges to make it look more realistic.  The edges on the unit were so dense like a baby doll. She also took a razor and cut some of the baby hairs to a more realistic length.  Once she was done with that she placed it on top of my braids and sewed it down. After that she cut excess lace around the edges and plucked some more hair.

The final step was laying the front in place.  She used a dark brown gel by eben then a clear gel from got2b.  She blow dryed the product a little bit then held the unit down tight on my head in place.

It was blended pretty well with my skin tone, but I wanted a little more realness to it so I added some makeup to the corners where my usual contour ends.


The braids, sew-in and frontal install took maybe an hour and a half. It took a good 30 min to an hour to pluck the unit.  Then another 30 minutes playing with the different parts and styles.

I’m very pleased with this hair and really like it.

Let me know your thoughts on Lace Frontals, your favorite brands and products to use.






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