Favorite Eye Palettes-Urban Decay-Tarte

Favorite Everyday Eye Palettes

There are cult followings for Urban Decay and Tarte.

I was an Urban Decay girl until I ran across the Tartelette campaign in December.  I like how they used “normal” women in their campaigns.  The bloggers that we relate to.  They also use the “All-natural” catch phrase that everyone is on the hunt for these days.

I like to do my research before I try things so I did just that.  Looked at a few Youtube videos and figured I would give it a try.  Before spending more than $50 on a full-sized palette I decided to try the brand with the travel size tease palette.

I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and still love it.  I use the brown and gold pigments more than the red.

I think the best eye look is using the 2 together.  Yes it is a Muah sin.  No I don’t care.

How I use them:

Favorite Eye Palettes- Tarte Tease-Tartelette


The matte colors in the Naked Basics palette are brought to life with the shiny hues in the Tease palette.  The muted colors for the base and bottom lash line.  The shiny colors for pop and to make the corners of my eyes look like a fairy or other whimsical character.

With the two palettes together I transfer form from a hot mom into an ancient Egyptian princess!  A queen even.  lol.

I know I have mentioned wanting the Urban Decay Naked palettes in previous posts, but I still haven’t bought them.  The travel sized palette has lasted me this long…and I use it EVERY DAY.  Apart from my toddler or other contents of my purse destroying some hues the entire thing would still be in tact.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes-Favorite Eye Palettes

Now, I want to add the  Tartelette Amazonian Clay Eye Palette to my wishlist too.

Favorite Eye Palettes-Tartlette Ama
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