No Filter Part II

It’s been almost a year since I posted Good Makeup + Good Brushes = No Filter

Now I feel that CLEAN brushes, 2 hours and a better lens can make a huge difference.


Finally cleaned ALL my brushes. Used a concoction that I learned from EmJustLikeYou on youtube. I was really happy that I didn’t have to go out and buy a solution.  My toddler helped me clean them too.  Life skills.  Corny Montessori reference. lol.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.52.08 AM

2 Hours

When I took this picture, I made a snap story about how it takes 2 hours to look like the dream version of myself.  I try to speed the process up, but it still ends up taking at least an hour and a half. I guess it takes my brain a few hours to imagine that version of myself so my hands have to move at the same pace LOL.


Most of the time is spent highlighting and contouring.  I’m not an expert but with each application of product I think I’m getting better.  I have fallen in love with translucent powder!  It’s awesome.

Better Lens

I recently got an iPhone and am blown away at the quality of the images (selfies) and how it captures lighting.  I try to choose a filter and can’t.  The original is that good! LOL

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.41.23 PM

So the moral of the story is clean brushes often, take time painting your face and get a new phone!



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