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New Favorite Drugstore Matte Lipstick

I saw the cutest meme today on Sephora’s Google+ page.  It said “I’m in a serious relationship with lipstick.”

I consider myself to be in a serious relationship with MATTE lipstick and anything else for that matter. lol.


For Valentine’s Day, as a little treat to myself, I wanted to buy a NYX Lingerie shade. I went online and saw that Ulta had it.  Bella (my two year-old princess) and I went to the location closest to us with the hopes of finding it.  The NYX section was huge.  I looked in the lip section for about 5 minutes saying “Where is it?”  I know they have it.  They were completely sold out.  Of every shade.  It is good that it must be good, but it is bad that they didn’t restock.  I decided to settle with the Liquid Suede.

I ran into one of my friend’s with her little ones and chit chatted a bit. She advised me against the Liquid Suede.  She said she had to apply it 3 or 4 times. I asked if she had tried my all time favorite, Jeffree Star, and she said no.  I also noticed that she was wearing a gloss lip shade.  I trusted her opinion and left it.



I went to Target to get Bella and my Mom a gift.  While there I decided to give Liquid Suede a try.  I didn’t get a chance to put it on until late last night, but…..

It is so pretty!

This is my new favorite drugstore matte shade.  One shade was enough for me.  I also like the size of the lipstick tube.  Red isn’t my every day shade so it should be able to last a few months.  I want to try the purple shade. It was only $6.99.

Have you tried these shades?  Any mishaps?

❤ Erica


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