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2016 Beauty Wishlist

I know we just had Christmas and splurged on a Chanel lipstick here and a MAC limited addition that………..

BUT, there’s so many new beauty products that I want to try!!

This is my beauty wish list so far:

Artis Elite Beauty Collection Brushes via  I’ve seen gurus use them on YouTube and got a chance to feel one in the MAC store.  OMG must get at least one for concealer.


Color Correcting Palette by MAC.  I tried to purchase one before Christmas and they were sold out in my shade.  I have fallen in love with the idea of color correcting.


Color Correcting Palette by NYX.  I want to try the different colors.  Kinda of how the ladies in my color correcting tutorial post did clown makeup then blended to perfection.


Armani Matte Lipgloss.  Right before Christmas I tried one of the red matte lip glosses at Nordstrom.  OMG.  You know I have an obsession with matte.  I think it will be worth every penny.


NYX Lingerie Lipsticks

I have seen a lot of reviews on these.  I couldn’t find them at Target, but hope to find them at Ulta or Sephora.


Gold Makeup Brushes via Shop Style.  Gold is making a comeback.  Why not have gold makeup brushes too.


Nars Foundation via Dolls of Fashion on Tumblr.  I have heard good things about it and want to give it a try.


Kate Spade Makeup Bags.  I spend an arm and leg on makeup and just throw it in cheap little cosmetics bags all the time.  Now my really cute ones are showing signs of wear.  I guess they were worth the investment to last 4 years.  A guru is somewhere having a conniption fit now. 🙂


Vanity Mirror via Vanity Girl Hollywood Mirror.  I could do a DIY project, but I’d rather just buy a really cute one that is already made.  I thinks it’s cool that they come in White, Black and Pink.  I have no idea how much it is but I want one.


❤ Erica

11 thoughts on “2016 Beauty Wishlist

    1. @ashlinolivia So I found the Lingerie line at Ulta yesterday, but they were sold out. 😦 I got the liquid Suede though and am putting the review together now 🙂


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