Face Baking Inspiration (12 Photos)

The Face Baking/Cooking Method is used to make makeup look flawless.

It involves a lot of highlighting.  Letting it sit 15 minutes then pure magic.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I really want to!

Get inspired by the beauties below:




Princess Ezeofor on Youtube

@makeupbymegs on Instagram


Face Cooking - Makeup - blackgirlish.com


@makeupbyjessicaa on Instagram

Cooking. 🔥 #ThePowerOfMakeup lol #Contour #MOTD #Cooking / #Baking #Sharp #NudeLips #WingedLiner #Eyebrows #Highlight #BlushBronzer #Lipstick #Before #After #NoShame #Makeup #Love #Ready

@dressyourface on Instagram

Last night's #DressYourFaceLIVE online class with my model @hammasa went AMAZING! Thank you all for your posts and feedback!! If you missed it, simply visit DressYourFaceLIVE.com to watch it before the video expires. Yes I finally talked about "baking" and my thoughts on this technique! And of course finished off with this classic earth-toned Aishwarya Rai inspired makeup look and OMG I was sooooo in love with the outcome Follow my snap for some behind the scenes... "DYF-Tamanna" ❤️:


Face Baking - Makeup - blackgirlish.com

Curls N Lipsticks on Youtube

Face Baking - Makeup - blackgirlish.com

Face Baking


Face Baking - Makeup - blackgirlish.com

9 thoughts on “Face Baking Inspiration (12 Photos)

    1. Thanks! In my posts I want to show that all skin tones can pull off the latest beauty trends 🙂 For face baking I wanna find a good translucent powder to try it. Which one do you use?


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