Good Makeup + Good Brushes = No Filter

I love red lights.

It gives me time to take selfies!!! lol

Last night I bought some e.l.f. brushes, Maybelline FitMe! Foundation and Pond’s Face Cream:


I think they have made my makeup look warmer already:

aint no filter


Face Cream/Moisturizer: Pond’s

Foundation: Maybelline FitMe! Shade 330

Powder: MAC shade Dark Golden

Blush: MAC shade Desert Rose

Lipgloss: Chanel shade 21 Distinction

Eyeshadow: NAKED Basics Palette

 A few weeks ago I bought:

Mac MakeupExcited that MAC has a BB Creme.  Not excited that it makes me look dead. Maybe it was the Dark Plus shade. :(.  The girl put it on me and it looked okay, but then over that weekend when I went out I looked at pictures and it made me look super pale. I like the Bare Minerals BB Creme more.  She gave me a dark BB creme and a light Powder >___<  I like Bare Minerals BB Creme even though, it is too dark. Ugh the struggles of finding makeup in the correct shade.

But wait!  I had to go back to what I know with the Maybelline FitMe!  I don’t like that it’s packaging changed, but it does the job of making my skin look even and natural. I can only hope that MAC Cosmetics expands the shades of foundations it offers

Excited MAC has a new shade of powder called Dark Golden! Happy that it blends well with different foundations and BB cremes.  Looks absolutely divine with the FitMe! foundation and the Mac Desert Rose Blush.  Desert Rose has never done me wrong!  Until I decide to explore different blush shades this will be my go to. I’ve been wearing this shade 4 years with no complaints.  Totally forgot to mention that I am so happy that MAC includes mirrors in their compacts and updated the packaging!

I took my selfies and didn’t need a filter!!! So happy!!

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