50 Shades of Black Women (Photos)

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Mommy + Bella

A collection of BEAUTIFUL skin tones and hair textures of Black women.

Embrace your beauty.  God made us all unique (different) for a reason.

We should be building ourselves up instead of trying to tear one another down.  Especially for a reason that we can not even determine.  I mean you really are going to dislike a person because of their shade is different from your shade of Black?  You are going to dislike a person because of the choice of hair style she wears?

I am a light-skinned woman, my mom is dark skinned and my child is mixed.  We are all beautiful and we are all different.  Our faces are shaped the same but the features are different.

Be confident in yourself and display that to your daughter.  Define beauty for your child.  Don’t let the world do it for her.  Love your hair and she will love…

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