Hey, I'm Erica

I dress up sometimes…

and have impromptu photo shoots in the backyard with my daughter. JK! This was literally the first day of the new year. I figured I’d wear the dress I wanted to wear for a Christmas shoot with my daughter. It always amazes me the photos an iPhone can take….

: )

Sometimes I switch my hair color

I actually go back and forth between a few colors and styles throughout the year. Usually, around my birthday and major holidays, I decide to change my hair. This was the day of my actual birthday. I decided I wanted to have ombre…again. I don’t know why I admit this was a different shade of ombre. It didn’t come out as light as I wanted, but it was still a success.


I can’t explain why I LOVE leopard/cheetah print. I like it so much I even dress my daughter in it!

Two Stripes, Three

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Brunch for my 31st Birthday

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I’m always workin

Like Drake said, I really am always working. I have several design, marketing, and public relations clients that my team helps. I can’t wait to share more of this with you! Photos by CamillaSpencerPhotography.


Starting the New Year RIGHT

This was my New Years’ look. I figured new year, new look. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore a sequins dress for the VERY first time. I always thought they were cliche. It was kinda cold that night so I had to wear boots, instead of the stilettos I wanted, but I did get compliments. That’s all that matters, right?

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